How to choose the size of the fishing lines?

All the elements that make up your fishing tackle must be chosen with the utmost care. Fishing lines in particular must be given great attention, because of the use they will be put to in order to catch fish. The size of the line is one of the most important elements in this respect.

Details of the fishing line

For fishing lines as a whole, several parameters work together to provide good performance. For example, the material of which your line is made will have a significant impact on it. We must not forget elements such as thickness, but also length.

Each of these details must be chosen in order to favour the fact that you will be able to catch the fish without great difficulty. The biggest worry you should have is whether the line will break or not. To avoid this, you should base your choice on the material requirements that exist for the fish in question.

Desired fishing distances

This is going to be of great importance when it comes to the size of fishing line you want to use. The longer you want to catch a fish, the more line you will need. A common mistake is to use a length that is too short.

This may mean that your line does not reach as far as you had hoped. So make sure you have a little more than you think you need. This preventive measure will make your life much easier when you start fishing.

Line and reel size

When it comes to fishing line length, you’ll also need to consider the reel. The two elements will have a specific synergy, in that the reel will be a constraint on line length.

If the reel is too compact, you can’t have line that exceeds a limited amount. Also, the more line you need, the bigger the reel will be. Secondly, you don’t want it to be too tight, as this can cause friction during casts.

The link between length and thickness

To be able to afford to use long fishing lines, you often have to compromise on thickness. The thicker your line, the harder it will be to hold in your reel when you reel in your line.

You also don’t want to sacrifice line strength by using too thin a line. Braid is a good balance between a fine line and a strong line. It is therefore a solution for long distance fishing. However, you must keep in mind that braid will be fragile in rocky areas.

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