Which lures for sea fishing?

The sea is one of the environments where fishing can be beneficial. There is a wide variety of fish waiting for you to cast your line. By choosing the right lures, sea fishing can be a real pleasure.

The main points of sea fishing

The sea is an aquatic area with many possibilities for anglers. There are two main ways to fish with a line, either from the shore or from a boat on the sea. Your choice of a sea fishing lure should be made with the utmost care to ensure you make the right decision.

Indeed, the conditions for fishing will not be the same depending on the specificities of the environment. For example, when fishing on the seashore, you may have to fish in somewhat crowded waters, which requires a rather specific set of equipment.

Choosing a sea bait

You can decide on one model of sea fishing lure or another depending on where you are going to fish. Generally, fishing from the shore will involve casting the line a long distance. This is useful because the fish will stay at least 20 metres from the shore.

This requires the use of a bait that is aerodynamically shaped. It must also have sufficient weight for a good cast. Fishing from a boat is an action that can be done using styles such as surface fishing, but the choice is yours.

Based on the fish to be caught

The decision to use a sea fishing lure style should largely be based on the type of fish you wish to attract. First, you need to look at the size of the fish. The larger the fish, the more you will need to use a proportional bait.

Then there is the behaviour of the fish towards the bait. Some will decide to approach the water’s edge to catch food, while others will stay deep. Depending on this, you may need to make adjustments to your bait.

Choosing a fishing style to adopt

In addition to all these elements, you also have the option of choosing a specific fishing style for your sea lure use. The choices available to you on the sea are varied, and you can decide to leave the bait casually on the surface, or explore the bottom with it.

One of the most common fishing practices for this area is long distance casting. This is particularly interesting in terms of challenge, as it requires a good technical mastery. Indeed, you have to do several things, like reacting at the precise moment when the line touches the water with the drag.

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