What is the price of a fishing rod?

When taking up fishing, it is essential to have the right type of equipment. One of the things that influence our decisions is the price of a fishing rod. So, before you start fishing, you need to know what your budget is for this item.

The different models of fishing rods

There is not just one model of fishing rod, and instead you have a wide variety of models to choose from. The choice should be made according to the type of fishing you are interested in. Thus, the proposals made by the salesmen in the fishing shops will oscillate around three models.

The first offer is the spinning rod or take-up rod. This telescopic model is practical because it can be adapted to different needs. Next, you have the casting rod, which will require a more specific use. Finally, for those who want to do a little technical fishing, there are fly rods.

Choosing as a beginner

The rods that are offered to buyers will vary according to their level of expertise. Most often, if you are a beginner, you will be offered to buy an entry-level model, which does not exceed a few dozen euros. These do not offer great performance, but they do make it possible for you to become familiar with the field.

You can move on to a more precise model of fishing rod as your level evolves. Ideally, when you are a beginner, it is best to start with a model that is not too big, i.e. one that is 30 cm taller than you. Also, the more rings you have, the better.

Materials for the fishing rod

The material that goes into the composition of your fishing rod should be chosen with care. In particular, it will have a certain impact on the performance, but also on the durability of this accessory. Entry-level rods are generally made of inexpensive materials.

Fibreglass is the cheapest option currently on the market. Next, you will be offered to buy models that are made of composite. For advanced users, carbon fibre will be the most commonly used.

Price ranges for a good fishing rod

As for the amount of money you can expect to pay for your fishing rod, this will depend largely on the model you buy. For the lowest prices, you can find shops that have special offers at 15 euros. The normal price for entry-level models is around this level.

For a decent model, you may need to look for a rod that costs between 50 and 60 euros. The more advanced you are, the more you may have to spend on fishing tackle. Here it is essential to make the right choices.

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