Which lure for pike fishing?

Pike are one of the most favoured fish during the fishing season. In order to get the most out of this fish, it is essential for you to choose the right lure model for pike. By making the right choices, you will make your fishing more interesting and successful.

Using minnows

Minnows are among the most standard models for fish like lures the most standard models for fish like pike. The aim is to imitate as closely as possible the appearance of one of the small fish your prey feeds on, and then to make it chase the bait. For this style of fishing, you will usually pull a few strokes on the line, to give an impression of movement to your bait.

When fishing for pike with minnows, you have two main choices. The first is to use this bait with the jerkbait style, which is basically to attract the attention of the fish with jerking strikes. The other option is the use of longbill minnows, which will go pretty deep into the water.

Turn to vibrating lures

Another interesting way to fish for fish is to use types of pike lures that will produce vibrations. When small fish move, they generate vibrations in the water that are perceived by the carnivorous fish.

The latter will use the vibrations to detect the fish that produce them, in order to chase them. Imitating such vibrations is therefore a highly effective technique. You can decide between chatterbait models and crankbait models. Each one will have some small specificities, and you have to decide according to your preferences.

Fishing for pike with swimbaits

This is a type of pike lure that will prioritise imitating the movement of a small fish on a visual level. It is therefore the lure of choice when you want to catch a pike in clear water. The appearance of your bait is of great importance here, and you must choose it carefully.

It is a bait that will often be used for in-between water fishing for pike, or in deep water. In this case, it is necessary to use a suitable weight. The parameters to be taken into account include the desired depth.

Taking advantage of topwater

Topwaters are baits that will essentially bait the fish to the surface. As such, it is also best to use them in water that is relatively clear, or not very deep. If you choose your topwater baits well, the pike will pop out of the water to feed on them.

The options available to you for this pike lure are quite wide, and the key points to choose from vary according to the conditions. For pike that are not paying too much attention, so early in the season, it is best to favour flashy baits. Otherwise, it’s best to prioritise models that are as resilient as possible.

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