How to fish for carp?

A carp fishing project? A professional will have no trouble making hits thanks to the many techniques he masters. However, an amateur can also succeed with a good will. Just follow these tips on how to be sure of catching carp

Finding the right water

A carp angler must know how to find the best water where the stock is located. By making sure you know where the fish are, it is obvious that you will not miss a bite. So think about finding spots like grass beds, water lilies, edges or even dead trees. This is a very important point and it is even recommended to waste time to find the place where the carps settle the most.

Making a good bait

Good baiting is also the secret of carp fishing. When you have found the herd or at least approximately, you can make a light bait. This will attract the carp faster, in just a few hours. But a carp angler can also bait to condition the fish. However, this usually takes a long time as carp can take a long time to find your bait.

Play it safe

Stealth can also be a great way to catch carp quickly. Indeed, by taking your spot discreetly, you do not risk to frighten the fish which can possibly prowl around. This is even possible with an unbaited rig. This is something that every carp angler should be aware of. What’s more, these types of fish like it quiet.

Opt for instant baits

To be sure of catching a carp, remember to choose your bait carefully. It is advisable to use instant baits. However, you don’t have to choose boosted baits. Instead, use baits that the fish will quickly digest, such as sweetcorn and live baits. Of course, traditional lures such as hot water bottles can also work. Provided the fish in your fishing area are used to them.

Changing positions

A carp angler can have incredible patience. However, there are times when bites are scarce for very long periods of time. In this case, it is best to change the fishing area or even the water. The fish may become inactive, preventing you from catching them, even if you are a good and experienced angler.

Go for feeder fishing

This is a technique that fishermen have used for a long time. With feeder fishing, a ball of bait is placed directly on the line. The aim is to attract all kinds of fish which in turn will attract carp. And for a fast fishing, it is the ideal technique. These few lines will help you to catch carp quickly. However, don’t forget to choose the accessories you are going to use.

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