What weight jig?

For the fishing enthusiast, the market offers a wide variety of jigs capable of meeting your expectations. This type of accessory is differentiated above all by their colour and the type of head. The weight of the jig is also an important factor when fishing. It is important to choose the right weight for your jig.

Take into account the depth of the water first

The first point to consider before choosing a slow jig is the depth of the water you plan to fish in. It is important to determine this before you even set out on your adventure. Note that a small jig may be sufficient if you plan to fish on the surface or on the edge of a river. On the other hand, you will need a much heavier jig if you plan to fish deep water. The aim is to get the lure down as fast and deep as possible. This will help to attract the fish you want to catch quickly. To make things easier, you can count 1 oz per 100 feet of water to determine the weight of the jig you need.

Also consider the strength of the current

The strength of the current is also important when choosing the weight of a slow jig. For example, it is advisable to choose lighter models for fishing on calm waters. Your jigs will fit more easily into the depth of the water. In addition, it is better to choose heavier models if you plan to fish on strong currents. This is essential to ensure the stability of the line as well as the rod. You should therefore pay attention to this point to get jigs that meet the fishing conditions. Note that the strength of the current can change depending on the weather.

The complete equipment

It is important that the jig you buy fits the weight of the fishing tackle you wish to use. Be aware, for example, that the fishing rod can break at any time if it does not support the weight of the slow jig. In addition, your lure may not reach the casting distance you want even if the rod is strong. Therefore, you are advised to check the strength of your fishing rod before buying a jig. Normally, rod manufacturers indicate the maximum lure weight that these products can carry.

And the material of manufacture

It should be noted that the jigs offered on the market can be made of different materials. However, this should not be a determining factor in your choice of lure. The most important thing is to choose the jig according to the criteria mentioned above. You should not focus on the material of manufacture to determine which models you need. You can choose jigs of different materials at the same time to fish with peace of mind. It only depends on your wishes and your budget.

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