When to fish for trout?

The trout is one of the fish for which it will be interesting to fish, in particular because of its size which can be interesting. On the other hand, the specificities of this fish mean that it is not possible to fish for it whenever you want. There are specific periods for trout fishing.

The season for trout fishing

As the trout is a carnivorous fish, a trout fisherman will be subject to more or less strict conditions for it. Thus, fishing for trout can only be done from the beginning of March to the beginning of September. For more details on the dates, you can ask your local council, or see their website.

The cold seasons will not be very favourable for the proliferation of this fish. Indeed, it likes the heat. It is therefore necessary to wait for the summer period. The limits of the fishing season are also important for its development.

When to fish for trout more easily

The time of the opening of the trout fishing season is not chosen at random. At this time, it will be much easier for a trout fisherman to return home with a good catch. Indeed, when spring comes, the trout will be more numerous, including the young ones that want to grow up.

They will encounter their first baits, and will not be so dismissive of what is on offer. This becomes much more difficult when the fish have learnt to discern what is risky and what is not as bait.

The importance of controlling trout fishing

Limitations must be placed on when trout are fished. If a trout fisherman is allowed to hunt trout all year round, there may be no trout left. Overfishing is therefore one of the problems that the introduction of a fishing season is intended to combat.

There are other measures to prevent the extinction of trout in rivers and lakes. One of these is a ban on the sale of trout that are not farmed. Some captive-bred trout are often released.

Preparing for the trout season

Before the season arrives, it is important for a trout fisherman to build up his arsenal. Here, it will mainly be a question of choosing his rods, but also the baits he wants to use.

You can make the best choices in this respect by finding out as much as possible about the details of the fish you want to catch. The most important element in this is the size of the trout he is interested in. Depending on this, he must acquire fishing equipment that is well suited to the needs that will be met.

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