What equipment do you need to start fishing?

Of course, fishing is easy to master when you have the desire. You can even introduce your child to this activity at an early age. In any case, it is important to buy the right fishing equipment for optimal sessions. Here is a list of the basic equipment you will need to start fishing.

The fishing rod

It is wisest to determine the fishing area you wish to fish before buying a rod. You can then buy a short map if you want to fish on the water’s edge. It is also important to have a small footprint with the rod. In addition, a long rod may be recommended if you intend to fish far away. In any case, it is better to choose a shorter model if you want to buy a children’s fishing rod.

The reel

If you want to catch big fish, you should choose a reel with a good line reserve. Note that you do not need to use a large reel if you plan to fish on the water’s edge. It should be noted that the reel is not yet useful for a child’s fishing rod under 5 years old. However, you can increase the size of the accessory when your child is older.

The line

There are two types of line available on the market to give you peace of mind when fishing. Firstly, you can opt for nylon, which has good elasticity and floats easily. The line can provide you with discretion as well as convenience. A 25/100 or 40/100 model can be recommended. Braid is both thin and strong. This type of line can be recommended for fishing for big fish. Here you can choose between 16/100 and 20/100.

The mounting

You should not neglect the mounting of the rod you wish to buy. It may be advisable to space out the set-ups to have a better chance of catching fish. Thus, the mounting should not be taken at random when you decide to fish. In addition, the set-up can be left out for a child’s fishing rod depending on the age of the child. Very young children do not need a rig, but teenagers do.

The touch sensor

This type of accessory can alert you in real time when a fish bites on the bait. This allows you to act quickly and prevent the fish from getting loose from the line. Note that you can choose between a manual detector and a digital detector. You can be sure that the fish will not escape you with the use of a touch sensor.

The rod-pod

Also known as a ‘rod rest’, the rod-pod is an essential support for holding the rod while waiting for a fish to bite. A rod-pod can usually hold several rods. Carp anglers are the most likely to use this product. However, this does not prevent you from using it to catch other fish.

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