Which baits for a carp fisherman?

Like all fish, carp have their own needs and desires. And understanding this principle will allow you to catch nice carp with the bait you use. For a carp fishingThis is the most important factor to consider before considering tackle and everything else. We will help you to determine the best bait to catch your carp.

The most used baits

Because the carp is a rather greedy fish, it is attracted by any food it finds in front of it. It is therefore not complicated for the carp fisherman to find a bait to convince him to take the bait. The most common is to find an angler using these two well-known baits. They are classified into two categories according to their degree of effectiveness. These are the natural bait and the live bait.

The live bait is especially appreciated by anglers who want to attract the carp’s attention with something animated. In this category, we are mainly familiar with earthworms that are always wriggling on the hook.

The natural bait is appreciated for its resistance in the water. Indeed, with live bait, prolonged immersion does not always ensure the quality of the lure. This implies that it is more advantageous to use another type of bait such as live bait if you want to extend the fishing time. You have a wide range of choices here. There is corn, bread and various seeds.

Boilies: also well known

Apart from these suggestions, the carp angler is also very familiar with boilies at the moment. This is a type of lure that is already manufactured by the fishing industry. The boilie is a small round ball of dough that is covered with a hard, crispy layer. Carp love this type of bait. And it is mostly used during baiting.

You can find boilies in a wide variety of models on the market. Each type can be different according to its diameter and taste. So it is according to the technique used that you will choose the diameter of the boilies that will be used to catch the carp. For example, those with a large diameter allow for more targeted fishing.

Other very effective options

To fish for carp, the carp angler has a range of baits at his disposal. There are many varieties and you will not run out of bait until the carp take the bait. In this case, apart from those already mentioned, there are carp pellets, carp particles, combination baits, etc.

It is very effective to opt for a combination bait when fishing for carp in the same area. This allows you to vary the taste you offer to your target and attract them more easily.

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