What is the best soft lure?

The lures available on the market today are varied enough to give you a wide choice. The soft lure is one of the most popular recourses to which anglers will turn. To get a better idea of the right choice to make, it is useful to familiarise yourself with these lures.

The specificities of soft lures

The term ” soft lure ” is used to describe a type of lure that is made of a synthetic material that gives it a certain flexibility. It is therefore the opposite of hard lures, which are made of materials such as metal. One of the criteria of this type of lure is that it is light and can easily float in the water.

This is an aspect that can be important, especially when fishing for fish that are actively hunting. The soft lure will however remain versatile, and depending on the type of rig you decide to use, you can also send your line deep. The soft lure, certainly the best pike lure, will also distinguish itself by the various shapes it can adopt.

Choosing according to the fish

If you want to decide on a lure to use, you have to make the decision according to the fish you want to catch. There is no single lure that will catch all the fish you want. Instead, there are several varieties that are more or less suitable.

For predators, the black minnow is probably the best pike lure, which has a number of qualities. This lure will easily imitate small fish, and generate vibrations that will attract big pike, trout and others.

Choosing the details for your soft lure

The appearance of the soft lure is one of the elements to decide on. Depending on the look of the soft lure, not only will the rig be different, but also the fishing style itself. The colours are an essential element to choose. For freshwater fish, realistic colours should be favoured.

Marine fish, on the other hand, are more likely to go for flashy colours. Then there is the shape of the lures, and the best pike lure will, for example, take the shape of small fish, but also maggots, worms and other small animals. Finally, don’t forget to choose the right size.

The crucial aspect of mounting

For soft lures, you can choose between different styles of rigs, each with its own specificity. When using soft lures that imitate the appearance of worms, a wacky rig should be used. This will create good vibrations that will attract big fish.

If you want to fish in deep water, Texan style rigs are more appropriate if you want the best pike lure. Here the lure is well attached to the hook and you have the opportunity to place a lead head which will be of great help. With this, your line can go far, and will go between two waters without any trouble.

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