Which rod for surfcasting?

Choosing a fishing rod should be done with great care. For castsurfing, it is essential to get the right equipment. There are several points that a fishing rod must respect to be suitable for this specific use.

A good size of the rod

When looking for a surfcasting fishing rod, the first thing to look for is the right size. Here, it is important to look at the level of practice of the angler, and if he is experienced, he can turn to large rods. While the average for professionals is around 5m for this, it is not uncommon for them to use sizes up to 6m.

For a novice and still inexperienced user, it is very feasible to achieve good fishing results with a rod size of 4.2m to 4.5m. This size is ideal for getting familiar with the movements to be made for this style of fishing.

The ability to cast far

A surfcasting rod must be able to cast the line over a long distance. For those who are experienced anglers, distances of up to 200m or more are reported, but half of that is already quite respectable.

For users who are just starting out, good fish can be had within 20m. The aim of this style of fishing is to cast the line over the waves to catch the fish a little deeper. It is not necessary to go so far out, although this will increase the chances of getting a big catch.

Choosing the right material

Your surfcasting rod will be made of a specific material which will give it specific criteria. Depending on the material a rod is made of, it will have a light weight, good power and good handling.

For a while, fibreglass was the most commonly used material, but this material has been dethroned by carbon fibre. This material will provide impressive performance, especially in terms of power.

Favouring the right brands

By choosing a good brand to buy your surfcasting rod, you can ensure that it is of good quality. Among the brands you can turn to are Dam, Cormoran, and Daiwa. These companies have made their name in the market by providing high quality products.

If a brand sounds interesting but you are not sure what it is worth, you can always go online and do some research. Sites dedicated to people giving their opinions on products in general can be useful to better inform you.

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