Which flies to start with?

To start fly fishing you will need to turn to the flying insects of the same name. Fish will feed on them, and it is crucial to choose the right ones to use. Once they are well chosen, the flies will make your fishing much easier.

Learn about the local fish

In order to do fly fishing well, it is essential to decide on the baits you are going to use. The food requirements of the fish will vary greatly depending on their geographical location. So a set of flies that is suitable for one location may not be suitable for another. In order to make the right choices in this respect, you should not hesitate to seek the help of competent people in the field.

Salesmen in fishing shops will be able to inform you about the most suitable flies. If you can’t ask them, you can also turn to your local anglers. Start by checking if there is a Facebook group dedicated to fishing in your local area. The last option is to go through the fishing forums.

Choose according to the season

To do fly fishing properly, you need to understand that the food requirements of flies will change depending on the season. The elements that will affect this are the appetite of the fish themselves, but also the availability of insects to ingest. There is also the issue of competition for food, which can be fierce. So you need to plan different flies depending on whether you want to fish early or late in the season.

For example, to fish for large trout, you can look at baits such as the large dark olive, and the march brown. These will have characteristics that are pleasing to these fish, and this will make your fly fishing much more effective. Rather than sticking to one bait, you should try to vary your baits so that you have a minimum of options. This way you can easily decide to go for another fish if you wish.

Real flies and dummy flies

To do fly fishing right, you can decide between real flies, and others that are dummies. Using real insects is an interesting practice as you don’t need to make too much effort to make the bait attract the fish. The concern is that you have to refill the bait every time you go fishing.

This practice may be more suitable for anglers who only do this occasionally. To avoid this, we often turn to dummy flies. You just have to choose them carefully according to the type of fish you want to catch. The main advantage of dummy flies is that you can use the same baits over and over again and not have to buy new ones.

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