What size reel for feeder?

There are different kinds of fishing styles to choose from. Feeder fishing is a common practice when anglers want to fish for very specific fish. The reel is an element that has a significant importance in this case, so it must be chosen with care.

The importance of the reel for feeder fishing

Feeder fishing is a style of fishing that will require maximum precision. In particular, it is about catching fish for their aesthetics. Because of this, it is necessary to bring them up from the water without damaging their appearance. For this, a feeder reel must act in a specific way.

A feeder reel is a very important element in the fishing process, as it must allow the fish to be reeled in quickly without it being detrimental to its appearance. This can happen if the fish struggles a lot and the tip of your line causes injury. One of the most important things for this type of reel is to have enough power to reel in the desired fish.

The right size for your feeder reel

The size of the feeder reel is of great importance. It will influence the details of how strong the reel is, but also its ability to hold line. The largest models can hold several hundred metres of line depending on the thickness of the line.

For a decent feeder reel, you need a size that will range between 3000 and 3500, although some models can go up to 4000. The size is also an element that will influence the comfort of use. In this respect, novices will prefer reasonable sizes.

Other details of the feeder reel

For a good feeder reel, size alone will not guarantee good performance during fishing. You also need to look at the parameters of the reel, such as the rewind speed. This should be at a level that allows you to quickly reel in your line when needed.

Ideally, this should start at around 90cm per crank revolution. Then you should also look at the brake, which will block the line’s movement as needed. On the other hand, the material of which the reel is made is also crucial, and it must be well chosen.

Choosing the right feeder reel

Making a good choice for a feeder reel is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are a beginner in the field. The best thing to do is to ask for advice first, especially in the fishing shop you visit.

Otherwise, you can rely on the big brands that have made their name. Among these, we can mention the company Daiwa. Their focus is largely on excellent quality of reels as a whole, so you can easily trust them. Other similar brands are also worth a look.

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