Which leader for catfish lures?

Catching catfish is a task that requires a minimum of organisation to do it right. Apart from the fact that it is not an easy fish to find, its size makes it even more difficult to catch. So you need to be as organised as possible in order to get it right and prepare the right items such as the catfish lure.

The details of catfish fishing

People who gain a minimum of experience in fishing will often decide to go for the larger game fish. Among those you can find in freshwater, we can mention the catfish. This fish, which can easily grow to between 2m and 2.5m in length, can be found in many waters in France.

You should look out for the waters around the beginning of May to the end of October if you want to improve your chances of catching them. At this time, it is also necessary to have the right equipment to manage this perennial fish, including a good catfish lure.

Using a good leader

The leader is one of the important details that must be chosen with care for this particular fish. If the chosen model is too fragile, it risks breaking under the weight of this animal. As its weight suggests, the battle to catch that fish biting on your catfish lure is not going to be an easy one.

For a suitable leader for catfish, you can buy a model of about 1m5 or 2m, and of 80/100 or 100/100. The further away from the water’s edge you go, the longer you need to be.

Choose a strong rod

In addition to items such as the line and the catfish lure, the rod is also one of the most important items you need to buy if you want to fish for catfish. It is important that the rod has enough strength, so that you can fight well to catch the fish. In terms of size, they start at 2.70m.

As the fish get bigger, the size of the rods can go up to 3.50m or even 4m. In terms of power, models between 150g and 300g should be favoured. For practical reasons, the rod should not be too heavy, as the fights can be long.

Using the right bait

Catching this fish also requires that you use a catfish lure that is well compatible. This is a fish that will feed on any small animals that live in the water. This includes small fish, and often anglers will use real baits like these.

Alternatively, you can turn to soft lures and swimbaits. The requirements include size, which must be large enough to attract catfish. It also has to look realistic enough to ensure a good catch. The shape will mainly matter in terms of the vibrations your lure will emit.

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