What colour braid for sea fishing?

Fishing conditions will vary, so you have to adapt to them as best as possible. For sea fishing, it is necessary to use the most suitable alternatives for the braid. Certain details must be taken into account to make this choice as suitable as possible.

Details of sea fishing

The sea is a different fishing environment from freshwater in many ways. In particular, the space for fishing is quite large, and you can look for fish from a boat or from the shore. To fish on the seashore, techniques such as surfcasting must be used, as the fish stay away from this area.

There will also be a greater amount of large carnivorous fish. In this respect, you need to use a fishing braid and other equipment. Without doing this, the fishing results may not be very interesting.

Choosing a braid colour

Colour is one of the things you can choose for a fishing braid. In the marine environment, fish will be less wary than in freshwater. Because of this, it is advisable to use multi-coloured braids. The aim is to attract the attention of large fish, which will flock to these colours.

Secondly, it is also necessary to decide according to the season, and in particular, when you are approaching the end of autumn, you should favour discretion. This means using colours that are not too noticeable. Secondly, the presence of coloured bands can help to evaluate the distances covered by the line.

A braid for sea fish

Sea fishing requires the use of a good fishing line that is well adapted to your needs. A distinction must be made between fishing from the shore and from the boat. The difference lies mainly in the distance over which to cast the line.

When fishing from the shore, you need to choose a line that can go far, so you need to choose a line with at least 8 strands. This is also a good choice for strength, as sea fish are generally bulky.

Choosing the right tip

For your line to do its job properly, it is essential that the line tip connected to the fishing braid is adequate. The purpose of the braid is to facilitate the work of the line by giving it good discretion. A good fishing line should therefore be made of a material with acceptable transparency, such as fluorocarbon.

In addition to this detail, you should also make sure that the whole thing has good strength. One way to ensure this is to use a diameter of about 27/100 to 30/100, depending on the fish you are interested in. Then you also need to use a length that is practical, and this depends on whether you are fishing from a boat or from shore.

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