Which wobbling spoon should I choose?

When you start fishing, you need to have a set of accessories at your disposal to do this activity well. The wobbling spoon is one of the lures that you can use to your advantage to fish well. For it to serve you well, it is preferable to choose the right one to use.

Understanding the origin of the wobbling spoon

The use of the wobbling spoon dates back to a few centuries ago, and it was created by an English fisherman. At one point his spoon fell into the water and he was surprised when his fish jumped on it. Amongst other things, he created and tested lures in the shape of spoons.

These worked well, and since then, wobbling spoons have become a popular fishing accessory. Of course, this story is considered a legend as there is no hard evidence. However, this is what is passed on orally between fishermen.

Using the wobbling spoon for fishing

The wobbling spoon lure is used to catch a wide variety of fish. But to be effective, it will be necessary to use the drag-casting technique. Secondly, this lure is best suited for shallow water fishing.

This lure is therefore classified as a swimming fish. To catch fish, you can use these elements to make them act directly. This is in contrast to lures that will be used to explore the sea bed. Then you have to decide on the fish you want to catch.

Choosing a wobbling spoon model

The varieties available to you in terms of wobbling spoons are quite numerous, and the shape is an element that will affect its behaviour in the water. For the older models, you can decide between the concave or the curved model.

If you prefer to use newer models, there are some that will have two different sides, like the jigger. These have a flat side and a curved side, so the lure will act differently when casting and when reeling. You can choose according to your preferences.

Fishing with a wobbling spoon

Using a wobbling spoon should be based on a specific technique. This consists of casting your line, then bringing it back at a specific speed. When you pull your wobbler at the right speed, it will make the wobbling motion perfectly.

If you don’t bring your line in properly, it may not ripple properly. One of the things you can decide about this type of product is the presence of balls. These will help to generate additional vibrations to those already emitted by the spoon. However, this is to be decided according to the situation.

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