Which reel for SPOD rods?

The spod is a type of fishing that will require a good technical mastery to the people who try it. It will be used to catch difficult fish such as carp. Everything has to be carefully evaluated for spod fishing, such as the type of reel one decides to use or a spod rod.

The principle of fishing with a spod rod

To be able to fish with a spod rod, you need what are called rocket baits. These are lures that contain bait and are cast over long distances. The rocket shape will allow for good aerodynamics, allowing them to travel up to 150m or more. It is therefore a recourse for fishing over very long distances.

The use of the spod rod to send this element over such a distance requires very precise gestures. It may take a bit of practice before one is able to do this effectively. This is why this technique is mainly used by professionals.

The importance of a good reel

When you start spod fishing, you are going to be casting a fairly massive element over several dozen metres. Because of this, each element is going to be of paramount importance for the operation to go well. The role of the reel is not to be underestimated.

It is also important that the reel of your spod rod has a good resistance. The tension on the line can be strong, which can cause weak reels to break. All this means that you need to take your time when deciding on this particular type of reel.

What to look for in a reel

In addition, you need to make sure that your spod reel can acquire a large amount of line. The line should be able to spin freely without too much stress such as friction. In this, a large volume of this element is a must, and you have to deal with it in terms of comfort.

The material should be chosen to combine a good lightness, but also a good strength, such as carbon fibre. It is crucial that you can bring in a large amount of line with each turn of the handle. Otherwise, fishing can be really difficult.

Choosing the line for your spod

In addition to choosing a reel, it is also important to decide on a line model that is suitable for this purpose. The thickness should not be less than 23/100, and it is essential that the line is braided. This way you can feel the vibrations with your spod rod.

This is especially important for the bottom sounding phase. The thickness of the line will also contribute to the strength of the line. This type of fishing is mainly done to catch large predators. A line that is too fragile may not be able to support the weight of the fish.

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