Which sea reel for tuna fishing?

Each fish will have its own specificities in terms of fishing. In this respect, one must be careful to decide on the right equipment depending on the fish one wishes to catch. Tuna is one of the most challenging fishes for anglers, and therefore requires specific measures and suitable equipment with a strong rod and a sea reel.

The specifics of tuna fishing

The dimensions of this fish are among the specificities that make its fishing very specific. In fact, they can be divided into two categories: tuna weighing around 100 kilos or less, which can be caught with a line, and others weighing hundreds of kilos.

Depending on the size of your fish, a sea reel and rod may not be the most suitable accessories. For the larger varieties, you may want to jump straight into the water for some sport fishing. However, angling for tuna is still a challenging activity.

The importance of reel power

On average, you can catch fish of 60 to 80 kilos with a sea reel. If you choose your equipment well, you can even catch fish of 100 kilos, but it will not be easy. It will take a lot of effort, because the fish will not be easily caught.

To do this, you need to make sure that you turn to a reel that has the power. For this to be effective, it needs to be large, but also made of strong materials. As soon as these conditions are met, fishing can be done in an optimal way.

Other crucial technical aspects of the reel

In addition to the robustness of your spinning reel, there are also specific technical criteria that must be met. One example is the speed of the reel, which should be around 120cm or 130cm of line per revolution.

It is crucial that the whole thing can be used at this speed in order to catch them properly. Secondly, the brakes need to be able to perform at a high level. Powerful drags will be helpful in catching these perennial fish.

Using the reel with the right equipment

Once the details of your sea reel are specified, the right equipment should be chosen. This includes items such as the rod, hook, bait, etc

Among the details that you must choose well on this plan, we can mention the robustness of the rod. It must not only be strong, but also flexible when necessary. A good compromise must be found, as a rod that is too taut can easily break under the weight of a large fish.

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